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Where cyber insurance and technology converge

We provide clarity and confidence in an uncertain world

Who we are

Converge fuses cyber insurance, security, and technology to provide businesses with clear, confident cyber protection.

Deploying a proprietary data ecosystem underpinned by expert underwriting, we provide risk solutions that deliver high value strategies with improved outcomes for small to medium businesses.

We believe that insurance needs the right elements and personalized approach to mitigate risk.

By partnering with our policyholders, we precisely formulate what their businesses need so they can become confidently cyber secure.

What we do

Security concerns. Breaches. Cyber attacks. At Converge, we fight technology with technology, activating our proprietary data ecosystem to address these growing threats and protecting you by providing comprehensive insurance solutions.

Converge fuses cyber insurance, security, and advanced data technology to tackle today‘s challenges while confronting the threats of tomorrow. We believe insurance needs the right elements, underpinned by expert underwriting. We support you every step of the way with a tailored approach, allowing us to build just the right cyber insurance composition and chemistry to help you thrive.

How we do it

Best-in-class coverage

Our ConvergeElements™ Insurance Policy comprehensively covers a wide range of cyber exposures, including data breaches, ransomware attacks, and extortion.


A highly qualified underwriting team with deep experience in cyber risk.

Technology experts

Leading edge cyber security experts on staff to assist underwriting.

Risk assessment

A proprietary Converge Fusion Report that provides an assessment of our policyholders‘ current and future cyber risk.

Next-gen insurance technology platform

Providing an effortless and efficient quoting process.

Claims experts

A dedicated team in-house, providing quick and efficient service.

What we offer


The future of cyber insurance.

Our ConvergeElements™ insurance offers a broad spectrum of coverage designed to address cyber threats faced by all organizations, with the flexibility that allows customization based on the unique cyber exposures of every business.

Converge fuses insurance, security, and advanced data technology to provide businesses with clear and confident cyber solutions.

Our ConvergeElements™ policy provides effective solutions to mitigate risk and stay secure, especially for small to medium businesses. We ensure companies achieve great outcomes and the comprehensive protection they need to thrive in today‘s world.


Your partner in cyber security.

Integrating Converge‘s cyber risk solutions, along with our proprietary data and your cyber security offering, we can provide bespoke pricing and premiums connected to our ConvergeElements™ insurance policy that reward our customers for using your best-in-class solutions.

ConvergeConnect™ benefits include:

  • Combined cyber insurance, security, and advanced data technology, creating a comprehensive and customized solution.
  • Effortless and efficient cyber insurance application process.
  • High-value coverage options bespoke to our policyholders’ needs.
  • Our cyber insurance policies, helping policyholders transfer risk in an effective way.

Converge™ — Redefining cyber insurance

Converge Inc.

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